Flat Puglet arrived the day before we
left to go to Az.  So he came along for
the ride.  Here are some photos of our
trip.  Hope you enjoy Miley
Here we are just hanging out before I
go in the show ring
Brother Boka was having a little nap
with FP after competing.
My favorite part about going to dog shows is
the Red Barn Booth.  The people there are
supernice, they  always give me supertastey
treats.  I told FP about them so he thought
he would try out one of their bully sticks.  

Flat Puglet told Boka and I about all of
the places he has been.  He also told
us about recycled dogs that he has
met and that he wants to help all
recycled dogs find forever homes
Flat Puglet destroyed my toy!  
I donated my blood to the CHIC DNA
program.  They will use my blood for
research to help fight diseases.   FP
wanted to donate but he was to flat.
For information related to Dalmatian
blood drive  

For information on all breeds blood
drive and how to donate your blood
Boka and I were haveing a grand time
wrestling.  We did not see FP sitting
there and we kinda flatted him.  
This is Cash with FP.  Cash was found
on the side of the road after being hit
by a care.  A Purina rep found him,
took him to the vet, got him all fixed up
for lots of "cash".  Now he has a
wonderful life with her.  And he gets to
eat all of the Purina treats he wants!!
Flat Puglet was pretending that he won
all of these prizes
But they are mine, I told him.  But all of
the money I won I will give to the Flat
Puglet project to help spread the word
about recycled dogs
This is a Gecko and its eating Flat
Puglet!   No just kidding it is a fake
Gecko that was on the wall and FP
thought it would be fun to pretend that
it was eating him
On the way home we stopped to visit
some cactus.  Boka would not go
anywhere near them and told us not to
also.  He said that they bite, and it
really hurts!  FP thought it would be
cool to climb up and have his photo
taken in one.  
This one is called a Saguaro.  I'm not
sure how old he is but according to
google he could be around 200 years
old!  Did you know that birds live in
cactus?  Does not sound very comfy to
On the long drive home mom was to
tired to drive all of the way.  So we
stopped at a motel.  FP had never
been to a motel before.  We just had
dinner and are just hanging out.
Next we are heading to Kansas.  Not
sure where that is but Boka said
something about Toto, witchs, wizards
and something called custard.  He said
custard is better than ice cream.  I
can't wait to try it.