FP, Boka, Mom and I headed out to Kansas for the
Dalmatian Club of America Specialty.  
We are off I'm
riding safely in my
crate and FP hung
on the outside
We stopped for gas in Winslow Az and
this guy was standin on the corner! Not
sure what that means but mom said it
was in some old song
Next stop the great state of Texas.  
Texas was not very fun they had things
that stuck to our feet and made them
hurt real bad and when mom pulled
them out they made her finger bleed.  
We did not stay in Texas long
In Wichita,Kansas FP rode a motorcyle
and met See no evil, hear no evil,
speak no evil.
My sister from Newfoundland joined us
in Kansas.  These are all of the
ribbons and plates that we won.
On our way home we stopped in Utah for
a short break
LOOK OUT FP!  It looks like FP is
going to be eaten by a polar bear.  But
this one is just on display.
In total we drove over 4100 miles, we started in California,
drove through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma,
stayed 10 days in Kansas.  Drove home through Nebraska,
Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada.  We were gone for 15 days.
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